Saturday, March 17, 2012

U.S.A. - Big Sur, California - July 1970

 Our first visit to 'The Boondocks' Big Sur involved a 45 minute drive south along Highway #1, we turned off left at Big Sur and drove up and up and up and up until we came to sunshine, something you didn't very often see along this coastline because of the ever present fog.  Keith and Virginia came up here every weekend, they just loved the place.

 The Cabin Keith built.

 Keith prepares his rifle for a walk and a shoot?

 Off he goes...

 David and I walked towards the coast which was absolutely beautiful with it's foggy blanket.

 There was even a small swimming pool up here.

'Lips that touch liquor will never touch mine'  maybe this was why David's mother thought K & V were tea total!  LOL

Debbie, one very loved dog who needs de-burring when up at 'The Boondocks'

What an incredible place this was, we visited a few times but when we returned to Carmel in the 1990's Keith had sold this cabin and build a more substantial home, with a bigger pool, further down the coast.

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