Thursday, March 29, 2012

U.S.A. - San Francisco, California - August 1970

 Omigosh... we visited Chirardelli Chocolate Factory.  I'd never seen anything like this place so maybe that's why we went overboard just a tad.

This is Willard and Carol Coursey, they were friends of a chap who's mother volunteered at the Carmel Hospital with Virginia, Virginia was all out finding young people for us to meet and she certainly hit the Jackpot here.  We loved Carol and Willard, saw them often, our two girls have stayed with them in America and their oldest daughter has visited us a couple of times.

 Willard looking out on Ghirardelli Square.

 Some of the machines... would make a better picture in colour wouldn't it!

Willard ordering up for us.

Willard and I are forever known as Butch Coursey and the Sundae Kid!!

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