Saturday, March 3, 2012

Postcards sent by us - U.S.S.R. to Japan - 26.6.1970

M.S. 'Baikal' from Kabarosk to Japan.

To:  The Rodd Family, Crescent Road, Newport. NSW 2106 Australia.

Japan 26th June 1970

Dear All.

We loved Russia but what a relief to be in a good Capitalist Country again, you don't really appreciate it till you see how the others live.

This is our boat from Nahodka to Yokahama, it was the best part of the trip and I have successfully got over all my seasickness*.  Entertainment was poor, the Russians just haven't got a clue how to enjoy themselves.   There were only 35 people on board and it holds 250 passengers, 13 nationalities among the 35 of us.

Japan is a marvelous place coming from the U.S.S.R, it's heaven there is even toilet paper in the Loos here.  The people are charming, they bow to you all the time service is terrific and no tipping.  Our Youth Hostel tonight has matting on the floor as a mattress and triangle rice pillows but we are the only ones here so we can sleep together.**

Love to all, P & D.
* Just wishful thinking that comment was :-)
**  This was very rare in Youth Hostels, there were boys in one room girls in another which is no longer the case now days.

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