Monday, March 5, 2012

Postcards sent by us - Japan - 26.6.1970

Mono-rail and the Trading Centre Building, Tokyo.  ('Trading Center Building' is one of the new symbols of modern Japan.  This is a 40 storied ultra high building.  Another new symbols will appear one after another.  The mono-rail was also one of the symbols of modern Japan centre. )

Gotemba Youth Hostel, (Near Mt Fuji)  (written by David)

To -
The Griffiths Family,  Dominion Circuit, Deakin 2600 A.C.T.    26thJune 1970

Dear All,

Having a lovely 4 days here - no wonder the Jamiesons* stayed 9 years.  The people are delightful, also food, restaurants, souvenirs, trains, hostels - and the baths!  I could write a book about the latter.  We stayed on an old liner in Yokohama Harbour first night, former Olympic Village in Tokyo last night ( the bath was 15 feet by 10 feet and 110c.)  and a Japanese rush matted room tonight.  The Warden looks like an ex-Sumo wrestler, and the next-door neighbour is singing in the bath.  Have a letter in Carmel for us by July 12.

Love P & D

* Friends of Mary's who we met up with in Milan.

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