Sunday, March 25, 2012

Postcards sent by us - Carmel, California - 30-7-1970

Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsular, California.

To: Mrs M. E. Griffiths, Dominion Circuit, Deakin. ACT. Australia       July 1970

Virginia works in the cafeteria (tuckshop, kiosk, etc) every second Thursday.  We are just getting our custom-mixed milkshakes.

We've just been roaming Monterey, shopping for a $200 station wagon, some shoes for Pennie at Macey's, a present from Virginia (the shoes, not Macy's).  Tonight we call on the Bells in 15th Avenue, who own a 1958 London Taxi.  I hope to help them obtain a front mudguard from the U.K. to replace their rusty one.

'Himalaya' (Oct 24th) is booked up, but agent is trying for us.

Love Pennie and David.

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