Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Australia - Newport Beach - Tabitha - July 1970

In the meantime... photos have arrived of Tabitha Taxi's safe arrival in Australia, here at Newport the home of my parents.  That's Dad on the far left and the garage mechanic having a good look under the bonnet.  My baby brother Nick standing on the running board and some other admirers looking on.

Dad was able to drive Tabitha from the Docks in Sydney all the way to Newport (32K's or 20 miles) on the Northern Beaches... using the diesel in her bought in England.  There was a Fuel strike on in Sydney at the time, but there was enough in her to get her to her new home.
 Same Service Station today from Google.

 'Tabitha' in front of Mum's Post Office Shop, Dad driving and Nick on the running board.

 At Mum and Dad's home in Crescent Road, Newport.  Brother Tim inspecting.

My brothers Tim and Nick  with some friends.

 Tabitha being driven into the Garage at 5 Calvert Parade, Newport Beach... the empty Beach House of David's family... her holiday on the Beachfront.

 Safe and sound from her long, some times rough, journey from England.

David's Family home today from Google... pity we don't own it any more, it's right on the beach and it looks like a delightful beach day today doesn't it.

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