Monday, April 23, 2012

Canada - Calgary-Lethbridge - September 1970

 What a thrill!  The Galgary Stampede Ground with the Calgary Centennials in a training session.  Gosh! we were experiencing so many things that we'd heard about from the USA but never seen of course. 

 Here is Jack Nelson at the Japanese Gardens in Lethbridge.  Jack was the son of one of Virginia's friends from the Hospital in Carmel, they were both volunteers and of course Virginia was on a mission to find young people for us to meet.  We saw a fair bit of Jack while he was in Carmel so it was lovely to see him once again.  Sadly not long after we got home to Australia Jack committed suicide.  So sad, he was such a nice bloke, we have no idea why he did this.

 Prairee, Alberta

This is the Alberta-Montana Border Station.  I remember it well, I also remember the lovely old chap who checked our Passports.   He said, 'Austraaaalia?'  'Where is Austraaaalia?'    In the Pacific Ocean we replied, next to New Zealand.  'OOohh Yes I know, that's the country that has those Droots!'  Droots?? Droots?  we had no idea what he was saying....  eventually it clicked.  He meant Droughts!  LOL  Well at least he didn't think we came from Austria! 

Now this is the same spot today from Google...  it's enormous and I spent a lot of time thinking we must have come back into the USA at a different entry point but... no...  It is 40 years ago I guess, little towns grow.

Back in the USA...

From Banff, Canada... to the US border.

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