Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Postcards sent by us - Banff, Alberta. Canada - 21.9.1970

Upper Hot Springs Pool, Banff National Park, Alberta. Canada.  Warm sulphur water bathing, as well as plunges and steam baths are available here throughout the year. Located on Sulphur Mountain, these springs  were the initial reason for creating the National Park, and these facilities are operated year round.

To:  The Rodds, Crescent Road, Newport. N.S.W. 2106.  Australia

Hello All,

     We've just spent the majority of yesterday in the above, fabulous, just like the ones in N.Z., even the smell.

     We have another Australian couple with us.  Works out fine, we cut costs, we sleep in the car, they in borrowed tent.

     Old Falcon going extra well, covered 2,500 miles so far.  Re-enter U.S. Tomorrow into Montana, then Idaho, Utah, Nevada etc.

     Got a 'Himalaya' booking!!  See you on November 13th.  Love P & D

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