Saturday, April 21, 2012

Postcards sent by us - Mount Rundle, Banff - 15.9.1970

Mount Rundle, altitude 9,838 ft, near the town of Banff, Alberta Canada.  It is here reflected in Second Vermilion Lake.  The peak is named for Rev. Robert Tyrrell Rundle, a Methodist missionary to the plains Indians, who visited this area in 1847.  These lakes immediately west of the town, provide excellent habitat for wildlife, best seen in the early and dusky hours of day.

To: The Griffiths, Dominion Circuit, Deakin.  A.C.T.  2600 Australia

Hello All,

Having a really fun tour - now have another Australian couple with us, met in Vancouver at the Charlesworth's (our friends from Dubrovnik) - quite a little Australia House.  We sleep in the Falcon, they in their borrowed tent.  We've been in some fab. national park camp grounds etc.  and had a hot dip in the Springs at Banff.  JUST like N.Z. - even the smell.

AND we have a booking on the Himalaya, sailing October 24th, see you November 13th.  Love P & D.

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