Sunday, April 8, 2012

U.S.A. - Oregon-Coos Bay to Tillamook - September 1970

 Right on the coast, on Highway 101 we came across this shop which had a lift in it and we went down a fair way to a cave where there were these Sea Lions, hard to see in this photo but they are there on the rocks.  The smell was overwhelming and one doesn't stay down there for long, that smell has never left my head!

 Beautiful coastline.

Highway 101 and the Sea Lion Cave from Google.
 Another 'Newport'!

 Tillamook Cheese Factory.  We've never found an American cheese that was as good as the French, Emglish or now, even Australian Cheeses... I'm sure there must be some fantastic cheeses but all we've ever eaten on our three visits to the US has paled behind those other countries.  Fascinating to watch though.

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