Wednesday, April 11, 2012

U.S.A. - Olympia, Washington - September 1970

Still heading North on Highway 101 towards Washington State.  Note cracked windscreen :-(

 From Google.

Entering Washington and from Google below.

 Looking back to Oregon.

Olympia Brewery!

A jingle on the radio way back in 1970,  is still in my head today - 'Don't you know it's the water that makes Olympia Beer...'   I'm not a beer drinker but David who is didn't agree with the jingle but there again it wasn't long after touring all these Breweries that he took up brewing his own and still, after 42 years is brewing away.

Check out the History of the Olympia Brewery here.

 I preferred the grounds around the Brewery than the innards, very pretty and relaxing.

 Can you see that salmon jumping out of the water on the bottom left of this photo :-)

 Tillamook to Olympia.

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