Monday, April 16, 2012

Canada - Ted & Penny - September 1970

 We met Ted and Penny in Dubrovnik, they were travelling with their two children Grant and Shirley, we exchanged addresses and here we are meeting up at their home in Vancouver.

 This is Ted and Penny's home today from Google maps, incredibly clear isn't it. 

We are still in touch with Ted and Penny and we did catch up with them once again when we were on our way home from England on the 'Oriana' in 1978.  They were incredibly kind to my brother Nick when he was studying in Vancouver several years later on and just as welcoming to our oldest daughter Nerys and her friend Sal in the late 1990's when they got Canadian work Visa's and toured the country.

Ted picked us up from the ship and took us to Grouse Mountain for a bit of fun in the snow with our three children, before returning us to the 'Oriana' before it sailed that evening.  That's Briony in the sleigh and Tomos beside... Nerys must be ahead.  Ted is behind and David is pulling.

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