Friday, April 20, 2012

Canada - Kamloops- Banff - September 1970

 Kamloops Paper Mill.

 Deer on the side of the Trans Canada Highway.

 David feeding Deer.

Baby Deer.

Trans Canada Highway.

Camping at the Glazier National Park.

Lake Louise.

Banff from the North.
 Hot Springs Banff.
 Banff Street, Banff and same shot today from Google Maps.

 Banff Museum Fort.

We slept very well at this Camp site just outside Banff.  We'd gone to the outdoor Hot Springs pool as it started to snow.  The Staff and Signs everywhere told us to get out after 20 minutes but we knew better, we were freezing, lacking showers and thought we'd stay in for at least one hour... but...  after 15 minutes we were struggling and had to get out... it was very exhausting all that hot water and snow falling on your head. What a wonderful experience it was.

This night bears came searching for food in the camp, some peoples food had been taken but we slept through the whole thing.

Cache Creek, Kamloops, Lake Louise to Banff.

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