Thursday, May 10, 2012

Mexico - San Filipe - October 1970

 Entering Mexico from Tucson, Arizona at San Luis.

 We just set up camp in San Filipe in one of these La Cabana, (free if you didn't pay the office).  

 Pretty good eh!

 Right on the Gulf of California.  The Kerr's slept in this car, she told us she wrote for Phyllis Diller.

 These beautiful and spotlessly clean children came around selling Tomales, wonderful fresh and made by their mother.

 A body was found in the mountains just outside San Filipe, there was a lot of talk and chat.  The man had been shot.

 What a disappointment Tijuana was, it was a dump with a mess of cheap shops and a border crossing.

 Oh dear, they didn't like me!  Our car was gone over with a toothbrush, mirrors under the car, every conceivable hidey hole checked and I was taken into a room and given the third degree by two burly Custom Officers.  You must have been wondering what I did to receive all this attention  :-)

Well... I cut my hair in London 6 months ago.  I'd managed without any problems, cross through at least 12 countries some of which were very tight Communism Countries and of course including the U.S.A., twice, once in San Francisco and for the second time from Canada into Montana without anyone saying a word... but trying to get back into the U.S.A. with my hair short when my passport show long hair had these fellow's on high alert.

 My Passport said something like this but I looked like the below.  

From Tucson, Arizona to San Filipe, Mexico to  Tijuana then back into the U.S.A.

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