Friday, May 4, 2012

U.S.A. - Las Vegas, Nevada - October 1970

 Driving down the Strip.

 The first thing we did when we arrived in Las Vegas was to look for a Hamburger, in this Drug Store?  Ice Cream Parlor? or was it a just a Hamburger Joint?  :-)  Anyway... there were lots of Poker Machines in this place.  I put 10c in this machine and I won $1.   I still have that $  
 David on the other hand wasn't going to waste his 10c on these machines he was heading for the Pontoon Tables where he lost $30!! 
 Here he is... doing his dough!
 We set up camp in a camping ground on 'The Strip' then took off to one of the Casino's where they had this fantastic offer of 'Minsky's Burlesque' Plus all you can eat and drink for $1.95.  We had no idea what to expect so trouped along with the plan to walk out if it wasn't any good.

We entered the Restaurant expecting to be served a Hamburger or something but no.........  we had the choice of a fabulous array of seafood, meats, salads, vegetables and sweets.  We ate like starving back packers do until we were ushered into the theatre and asked what we would like to drink, we thought they would be a long time coming... but no straight away our drinks arrived... times two.  So there we were, four innocent Aussies, sitting at this table with two drinks each.  I ordered Tab (the precursor to Diet Coke).

The 'topless' show was terrific, we'd seen nothing like it before but we really enjoyed it and before we'd finished our drinks another two each arrived!!!  Mine by this time had been laced with rum or something so I couldn't drink anymore but the others enjoyed theirs.

When the show was over a different set of doors opened to let us out and... guess what!  They opened into the Gaming Room.    We walked straight out and stumbled back to our camp site... but this sticks in our memory of being the best deal we'd ever enjoyed, never to be forgotten.

 Off to see Hoover Dam.

 Wow!  Very impressive.

The Nevada side, Power House.

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