Monday, May 14, 2012

U.S.A. - Disneyland, Anaheim. California - October 1970

The Macdonnell-Douglas Pavilion Moon Ride.
The Matterhorn from the Chair Lift.
Lombard Street, San Francisco in 360 degree cinema.
'America the Beautiful'  Waikiki.  This was fantastic, you stood in the middle of a room and the movie went all around you, there were railings to hold onto and you needed them, it felt as though you were in the car taking the movie.

Moving Dinosaurs.

Monorail from the Santa Fe & D.R.R. ride.

In the 1950's my Great Aunt Nancy - aka Cranky, travelled the world extensively, she sent us postcards of all the wonderful places she visited.  (they will be my next blog after I finish this one)  One of the things she bought home for us was a map similar to this one of Disneyland.  Dad pasted our map up on the wall in the family room and as kids we poured over it day after day, we watched the Mickey Mouse Show on television... we longed to visit Disneyland.

My great expectations were fulfilled to overflowing when we spent a whole day here in October 1970, first in the gate and last to leave we had a really wonderful day.

David and I took three of our children back in 1978, bought another map and glued it to the family room wall in our old house.  Wonderful stuff.

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