Wednesday, May 2, 2012

U.S.A. - Wyoming - Idaho - October 1970

 Jackson, Wyoming - I think we took this photo because of the Wort Hotel.

 No longer the Wort Hotel today from Google.

 Our campsite for the night, right beside the Snake River - It snowed the next morning.

 Very pretty spot today from Google Maps.

 A bit of snow on the ground on Highway 89.

Our first sight of wild Buffalo.

 Idaho sign on Highway 89, no longer there today according to Google Maps below.
 Modern sign on the Wyoming - Idaho border today.
Entering Paris, Idaho.  Population 746

This signs says - Geneva 4, Montpelier 47 and Salt Lake 170.

 Near the Utah border on Highway 89, North Pacific Railway.
Yellowstone National Park to Paris, Idaho.

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