Thursday, May 31, 2012

New Zealand- Auckland - 'S.S.Himalaya' - November 1970

 Wandering around Auckland for the day, through the Parks, Downtown and Museums.
Wellesley and Queen Streets, Auckland.
 Same street corner today from Google, not a lot of change.

 War Memorial Museum.

The 'Niagara'.

 The Anchor of the 'Bounty'.

Anchor from HMS BOUNTY
About this object
This iron anchor was abandoned by the mutineers aboard HMS BOUNTY after using it to free the ship from a coral reef near Tahiti in 1789, while on their way to Pitcairn Island. When, in 1789, Fletcher Christian and his mutineers brought BOUNTY back to Tahiti, they used the same spot for anchorage that Captain Bligh had used when loading his cargo of breadfruit trees. The mutineers had no intention of stopping long and having secured supplies and water, they attempted to weigh anchor, but the ship had grounded on a sunken reef. They used the ship's spare anchor as a kedge to haul her off. This was successful but the kedge was held fast by the coral so they had to cut the cable and leave the anchor behind. The incident was not forgotten by the local people. They successfully retrieved the anchor in 1935 but without its wooden stock.
Date Made
Between 1784 -1789
Place Made
United Kingdom
Medium and Materials
3800mm x 2120 mm x 500 mm (LWD)
Credit Line
Auckland Institute & Museum loan
Object Type
Object number
 War Memorial Museum.

 Auckland Regional Authority Bus.

 Holden's for New Zealand, in front of the 'Himalaya'.

 Auckland's steam ferry boats, formerly worked in Sydney.

 Farewell New Zealand... we come back a couple more times.
We are almost home, can't wait!  The next two days to Sydney take forever..........

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