Tuesday, May 8, 2012

U.S.A. - Tuscon, Arizona - October 1970

 I really felt as though I was in the wild wild West... Hey I am!!  Pennie with an Arizona Cactus.

 On the road again.... Phoenix, Tuscon Highway.

Heading into Phoenix.

 Old Tucson - Film set village.  Unloading props for Disney's latest film 'Scandalous John' Click to see what this film was about.

 High Chaparral.
 As a 10 year old living in Willoughby, I would sometimes be given 1/- (10c) on a Saturday and off I'd go with my brother Tim to the movies, it cost 9 pence for a ticket and 3 pence for a Choo Choo Bar. (A Choo Choo Bar is a Hard Toffee like Licorice Bar.)
Before any movie started there would be a shoot 'em up, ride 'em fast horses, wagon wheels going backwards... Wild West Movie, with Cowboys and Indians, we loved them.

This is where some of those movies were filmed!  What fun :-)

 What a fabulous place this was, some actors even put on a show for us.  Wonderful stuff. 
 This wonderful man is Eugene Daugherty, father of our friends from Europe/San Francisco.  Mr. and Mrs Daugherty welcomed us to Tucson and treated us like Princess and Prince's, she fed us fabulous food, he took us on tours all over Tucson and beyond.  How lucky were we to meet them, we have wonderful memories.

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