Friday, May 11, 2012

Postcards sent by us - San Filipe, Mexico - 5.10.1970

The beauty of  the ocean captured in this scenic view of San Felipe. Mexico

To:  The Rodds, Crescent Road, Newport. N.S.W.  2106

Dear Rodds,

Boy what a life we've been living, we've swum and eaten all day, and killed cockroaches all night.  Sorry we haven't eaten the cockroaches.
The people are great, the 'arrow over' shows where we are camped in a little shack with only two walls.
See you soon, now we're off to Disneyland.

Love Pennie and David

 From Google Maps today, boy a lot has changed.  The little village we visited in 1970 has grown and grown.  There were only little Cabana's on this beach back then.

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