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U.S.A. - Hearst Castle, California - October 1970.

 Postcard - Hearst San Simeon. State Historical Monument.
San Simeon, California, on the Coast Highway1, between Monterey, Carmel, Big Sur and San Luis Obispo, Morro Bay.
La Cuesta Encantada - The Enchanted Hill
Aerial view shows The Neptune Pool, The three guest houses - La Casa del Monte, La Casa del Sol and La Casa del Mar.   La Casa Grande (centre) and left, the tennis courts with the Roman pool beneath.

 Postcard -
Castle and Grounds from Chinese Hill -
Within the 123 acres at the crest of the Enchanted Hill nestles magnificent gardens, pools, statues, walks and fountains.  These surround La Casa Grande which has 38 bedrooms, 14 sitting rooms, 31 bathrooms - 100 rooms in all.  The three adjacent guest houses have an additional 46 rooms.

 We park the car in an enormous car park near the Coast Highway then catch a bus up the hill to the Castle.

 One of the pools.

 Postcard -
The beautiful Neptune Pool surrounded by marble colonnades is one of San Simeon's most famous points of interest.  The perfectly proportioned Grecian-Roman Temple is also prominent.

 Indoor Pool.

 Postcard -
The Roman Pool, (under the tennis courts)
This famous Lapiz-lazuli gold, (one million dollar) swimming pool was built by Italian artisans in three and a half years.  There are 144 pieces  of gold mosaic to each square foot of the floor, walls and ceiling.  The light standards are of carved alabaster.

 Postcard -
The Refectory - a Brilliantly colorful dining hall with priceless silver treasures, carved wooden ceilings, beautiful tapestries and banners, and a 24 foot fireplace.

Assembly Room  - In La Casa Grande, is noted mainly for its massive 16th Century French mantle  with overmantel and 4 large Flemish tapestries - 1560, once pride of the Spanish royal family, they depict the history of Sciopio, the Roman General who defeated Hannibal.  Two (1 ton) 18th Century Danish Medallions on far wall.

Postcard -
The Billiard Room - in La Casa Grande - On the left hangs the finest tapestry in the castle (one hundred thousand dollars)  a 'Hunt Scene' of the French Gothic Period.  Through the French Gothic Doorway is the walnut console that plays the tower carillon bells.

Postcard -
The Theatre - In La Casa Grande the private projection room seated 100 people.  The latest movies were shown following dinner each night.  The room is paneled with antique red brocade and illuminated by torches held in the hands of caryatides, carved female figures.  The host habitually occupied the left hand seat in the front row, with a telephone close at hand, in constant touch with his newspaper empire.

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