Thursday, May 24, 2012

'S.S. Himalaya' - Leaving San Francisco - 4th October 1970

 Almost all the friends we'd made in the four short months in America, turned up to say farewell to us on the 'Himalaya'.  From left- Willard Coursey, Sandy Meyrose, Pennie, ?? Skylor, Mrs Skylor's two daughters, Grover Meyrose, Sheila Daughtery with Eugene on deck, Carol Coursey and I just can't remember the names of the last couple but their daughter was named Tamara!

 We can't remember how we knew the Skylor's, they'd changed their surname when they moved to America, it was something unpronouncable before, Mr Skylor was Nick we remember.  They were a delightful family I remember that.
 Farewell, farewell... we're still in touch with the Coursey's and their oldest daughter.
 We did see Sandy again, she visited Australia a few years after this.
 Leaving the beautiful San Francisco...  we do come back :-)

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