Thursday, September 29, 2011

England - Hampshire-Wiltshire- September 1969

 King Alfred in the middle of Winchester.

A new roundabout and buses today from Google.

 On the A30 to Salisbury and below a couple of new signs... I love 'The Wallops' so I Googled up that road and found Nether Wallop, Middle Wallop and Over Wallop all pretty little Villages with one Pub each.

 Salisbury Cathedral.  After all the beautiful Cathedral's we've seen all around the World, far too many to count, we always come back to Salisbury as our favourite and we especially love John Constable's painting... actually I'm in love with John Constable, well his self portrait anyway.

A post card from 1969 above and below from Google.  You can only get close to Salisbury Cathedral on foot these days so the Google Camera missed out.

The Poultry Market in Salisbury with the 'Haunch of Venison' Pub behind and same today from Google Maps.

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