Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Scotland - July 1969 - 'Tabitha' Taxi #2

 Rudyard Reservoir from the A523, in Staffordshire.  Same spot today from Google, how clever am I finding the same mountains, the same dry stone walls, and maybe the same tree in middle of this photo.

Now here's a surprise...  'Tabitha' Taxi 1,  has been replaced by another Austin Taxi which has been immediately Christened 'Tabitha' 2.   RIP 'Tabitha 1'
 'Tabitha 2' UXL 842 cost £60, from P. LeMare, Church Square, Hampstead. N.W.11.
After finding the Google shot of the Rudyard Reservoir I was on a roll so then Googled along the A523 till I found the same old 'Cheshire' sign.

 David had become a fan of Coronation Street and needed to take this photo above, methinks this old sign must have been stolen a few times, the new - but old,  street signs have been placed much higher up the building.  What used to be a shop has now been turned into a home.  (This is Coronation Street, Macclesfield, not the real one used for the TV show, where ever that is.)

Our campsite in the Forest of Bowland, West Riding.

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