Monday, September 19, 2011

Postcards - John O'Groats - 5.8.1969.

 The Last House in Scotland at John O'Groats.

To: The Griffiths, ACT 2600    5th August 1969

Dear Everybody,

Having a super time wish you were here, it's only rained two days but that's what Scotland is really
 like I guess.

*Bought some lovely skirt material and a mohair at Ullapool in the Highland Gift Shop.

**We've so far had three free meals 1) Fresh Fish and Lobsters. 2) 1 lb sausages.  3) Fresh Crabs.  All given to us by kindly Scottish people, they really are marvelous way out on their own compared with the English.

Love Pennie and Dave XX

* I remember David's mother was always asking us to buy her things, it became a bit of a problem later on.

** That old myth about the Scottish being tight was very much squashed when we approached fishermen asking if we could buy some of their catch for our dinner and they just gave us some, how wonderful was that and what wonderful memories we have of those very generous Scottish people.

The Last House from Google below...  Almost identical to that 43 year old postcard above, there's even a van in this picture.

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