Friday, September 2, 2011

John's Pool Party - 5.7.1969 - Horsham, Surrey.

 Very classy Invitation so we were expecting big things... and there was even a Pool mentioned on the phone.

 'How can we lose when we are so sincere?'  How indeed  :-)
From left:- Peter and Sue Swiss, Mo and John, Tina and Clive, then Pennie and David on the right.
I don't know how David's clothes could be classed Beach! he's wearing moleskins and a 't'shirt with braces... well John's home was very far away from any Beach so maybe he thought John was joking???
I wonder what that sign says?

Looks like John ran out of glasses! and this was the only way I could get a drink  LOL

 Dancing the night away....  and below John is dancing beside the promised POOL!! 
David and I went back to live in England for another two years in 1977 to 1979 and John invited us to his home for Dinner one night, with these same friends.  Tina who was sitting beside me, was getting curiouser and curiouser about our situation, she was one of those English people who need to know which class you belong to, she needed to place us but she couldn't work us out, why would we come back to England with three children and tour around for a couple of years.   I was getting fed up with all her questions but was answering away till she said... in a querulous tone, 'What does David ACTUALLY Dooo?'  To which I replied, and I'm very proud of this...  'Oh he's an heir to an Australian Fortune!'
Liar, Liar but... my pants didn't catch on fire!!   David then embarrassed me by mistaking the butter for cheese and cutting himself a huge slap and putting it on a cracker... LOL!

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