Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Scotland - August 1969 - Inverness to Loch Ness.

 I couldn't find the same sign on Google maps but this is the same road, or near here below is the same road we would have driven into Inverness.

 Inverness on the River Ness, in 1969 above and in 2011 below.  It always amazes me when I find one of our old photos such as the one above and I think, pretty boring photo I wonder why we took it? then I wonder if I can find the same spot on Google Maps...  and with very little effort I do!  Those beautiful old buildings across the river are still there and better looking than in our old photo.  I was wondering why they took away the white lines in the middle of the crossing, the lines that mean you mustn't enter unless your exit is clear... but there are Traffic Lights now so I guess you don't need the white lines on the road anymore... or the Bollards!  or the Street Lights!

Dores on the head of Loch Ness.   Can you see me on the left here at Loch Ness and below from Google very close to the same spot.   The mountain ranges in the back of a lot of these photos tell me I'm in the same spot.   
We camped overnight here but we didn't see the monster just lots and lots of Midges!

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