Saturday, September 10, 2011

Scotland - July 1969 - Glasgow.

St Enoch Underground Railway - Below- now a travel centre on this side on the other a cafe.  The Underground entrance is now a modern structure on the right of the bottom photo.

The oldest house in Glasgow, Provand's Lordship from Google above and from postcards below.
Provand's Lordship is the oldest house in Glasgow. It was built in 1471 as a part of St Nicholas's Hospital by Andrew Muirhead, Bishop of Glasgow. It is the only house to survive from the medieval city.

 Sauchiehall Street with Policeman crossing the road.  Below - they have closed this little bit of Sauchiehall Street and turned it into a very pleasant part of Glasgow.

Lunch stop on Cathedral Hill. (I read on a postcard sent to David's mother that we ate Sardine Sandwiches for Lunch).

 The Gorbels from Cathedral Hill.

Museum and Art Gallery below.

Cathedral Gates, I don't know where these are, I couldn't find them on Google.

Ship Building was still going on in 1969, and here is Tabitha 2!

Google Map.

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