Thursday, September 22, 2011

Scotland - August 1969 - Loch Ness to Perth via the Highlands.

I always loved this photo above, Tabitha 2 looks so out of her comfort zone but she bravely soldiered on and on up hill and down dale.  The County of Banff is another  to change it's name, according to Wiki a lot of the Counties of Scotland were changed around in 1975 hence my confusion when trying to find some of the ones we drove through in 1969.

Below it is the same road but a new bridge and County.

 What a beautiful solid Bridge, it's the Gairnshiel Bridge on the A939 and I was lucky to get another photo of it below from Google Maps.

  Balmoral Castle.  I tried to get a Google Map photo unfortunately there are so many trees on this road it was impossible but below is one I took from the  Balmoral Castle Website.  They have a beaut online shop that I was very tempted with just now... but...  maybe not.  I do love these Royal Family shops, the one at Windsor Castle Farm I could spend a fortune at!  Mostly fresh foods though and they wouldn't travel well to Australia would they!

Glen Shee on the A93 from Braemar to Blairgowrie.

Perth - in Perth and Kinross Council.  

It still gives me a chuckle when I see the same names of cities and towns here in the United Kingdom as we have in Australia and with the naivety of a 23 year old I didn't dream that the British ones came first! 

Below is our very zig zaggy route from Loch Ness to Perth, taken over a few days and through some of the most sparsely populated areas of Scotland... very beautiful and different.

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