Sunday, September 25, 2011

Scotland - August 1969 - Edinburgh to Guildford.

Jedburgh Abbey, a ruined Augustinian abbey founded in the 12th century.  The abbey is situated in the town of Jedburgh, in the Scottish Borders just 10 miles north of the border with England at Carter Bar. Jedburgh is the largest town on the A68 between Newcastle upon Tyne and the Scottish capital, Edinburgh.

Below from Google, isn't it a beautiful Abbey, what a shame it was sacked several times during the border wars.

England... We've seen so much of the very beautiful Scotland, travelling up the West Coast, across the North then zig zagging across the middle then down the South Coast but it's time to head back to Merrow and back to work.

Here is a new 'England' Sign on the Scottish/English border at Carter Bar, difficult to see in this shot from Google but trust me, it does say England... because on the other side it says Scotland!

We can't make out what that thing is on that pole?  A Basketball style of rubbish bin?  A light?  What do you think?

Oh dear naughty me, maybe I shouldn't be walking on the old walls of this Roman  Military Station... From the website below... it says... walk along the main street... 

Visitors to Corbridge  can walk along the main street of this Roman garrison town, flanked by the remains of granaries, a fountain house, markets, workshops and temples.
Sitting astride the intersection of Roman Dere Street and Stanegate, Corbridge was initially the site of a series of important forts. But after Hadrian's Wall was fully commissioned it developed into a prosperous town, a tempting leave-centre for off-duty Wall garrisons.
Abandoned after the collapse of Roman rule in Britain, the town centre has been systematically excavated, producing the fascinating array of finds now most attractively displayed in the site museum.

Below from Google Maps.

Heading back home and quickly... this photo below, taken near Sheffield, is the last photo we took until after we'd got home to our little flat in Merrow and gone back to our jobs.  What a truly wonderful time we had, what a beautiful and generous country Scotland is.  Thanks Scotland... I know it took us another 36 years to get back but we did enjoy ourselves once again in 2005.

 On the M1 near Sheffield... Same bridge below, I think!

Below is a new sign at about the same spot as our black and white photo above, mileage is a little shorter but that must be because of the new roads in the area.

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