Sunday, September 11, 2011

Postcards - Glasgow - 30-7-1969

Provand's Lordship, Glasgow.  Ground floor.

To:  Mrs M Griffiths, Deakin. ACT 2600

Dear Mother,

Here we are eating our sardine sandwiches in our NEW Taxi overlooking the most fantastic Cemetery, great big tombstones right on top of a hill.

We both love Scotland it seems so clean and fresh and healthy, the people have marvelous accents and seem to be more helpful than the English.

This lovely old house is the oldest in Glasgow, I had a beaut potter around looking at all the cedar, oak and pewter while Dave watched buses, but it really was lovely and old, well kept and interesting.  I know you'd love all the old houses and castles we've seen, we think of you as we wander around.

We haven't seen any mohair rugs but we're seen plenty of lovely tweeds, we'll get the one we like the best.

Thanks for the birthday wishes and the money, we sure needed it for this trip.  Love to Julia, Andrew, Dad and King (the dog).   Love Pennie XX

Hi Mum,

From the mechanics eye-view, we're having a fantastic time in our NEW £60 Taxi, we're now lunching in Glasgow on a hill overlooking the Clyde and the Gorbals, love Dave.

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