Tuesday, September 6, 2011

... On Saturday 19th of July we held, yet another, Party at our flat! Were we hip and groovy or what!

 ... See that's what it says in this Album...
The man in the beard is Steve Carthew, he gatecrashed David's Farewell Party at Newport Beach way back in 1967, he was a very charismatic fellow and we stayed in touch for a while but not long after this party we lost touch. Click Here to find out why!  In February 2009 I saw a story about him on Compass... and it explained a lot.

Peter Waugh and myself... don't know what is going on here!  Very funny :-)

And David below... I think that was Peter's current girlfriend he's dancing with, was it Pat?

Oh Peter!  Such a groovy dancer.

I must have said something funny... ooops  David smoking again!

I was surprised to find that we'd been to two plays and held one party in only three days, but we were young and in a hurry, when I told our 4 grown up children, Tomos said... 'So that's where we got it from!'  I love the thought that we passed on our fun to our children.

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