Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Croatia (Yugoslavia) - Dubrovnik- April 1970

 This photo was taken out the window as we drove towards Dubrovnik.

 Lunch stop beside the Neretva River between Split and Dubrovnik.

The Adriatic Coastline.

We arrived in Dubrovnik on the exact date that we had planned to meet up with our friends Trevor and Mary-Liz who were travelling from Australia.  The plan was to meet at the Dubrovnik Youth Hostel, spend a couple of days here and travel back to England together.

The Youth Hostel was closed, one because it was Winter and two because they were doing renovations but we left a note and camped nearby.

We waited one day for them, we waited two days for them, we waited three days for Trevor and Mary-Liz to turn up or send a message but on the fourth day we had to move on.  When we arrived back in England we received a letter from them saying they thought Dubrovnik was the name of a Youth Hostel in Greece!!!!!    Trevor and Mary-Liz did get to Dubrovnik but days after we'd left but they got our message so they knew we'd made it on time.

I might add the waiting was not painful, we loved Dubrovnik, the food was good, the people were lovely but there was no where for us to shower!  so driving up some quite road, heating up some water, stripping off and tipping the water over us was the only way we managed to keep clean.

 Dubrovnik a walled city until 1808

 At the Gates, this bus was packed solid with passengers when it arrived and as soon as it disgorged it was quickly packed once again.

Almost the same spot below from Google.

 This chap was wearing leather pants and a skull cap, he's outside a masonry workshop.

From Split to Dubrovnik on Google Maps.

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