Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Italy - Venice, Beautiful Venice! - April 1970

 Crossing the Causeway to Isola Nuova, the Car Park in Venice, where we slept for 3 nights inside Tabitha Taxi.

Below from Google.

 Isola Nuova, piers at the Car Park.

Grand Canal at Piazzale Roma.

Vaporetto turning off the Grand Canal.

David has captioned this photo - Wealthy affluent tourists doing their thing.  I think he must have been a bit taken aback at the cost of a ride on one of these Gondolas, the cost is about $80 now days.

Rialto Bridge, beautiful isn't it!  and below from Google.

Venice is such a beautiful place, the colours (which you can't see in our black and white photos unfortunately) the laneways which are easy to get lost in, the people and of course the food!  Wonderful place and it is so sad that it now floods at high tide.  They fixed the Leaning Tower of Pisa so lets hope, one day that they can stop Venice from being flooded.

Palazzo ca D'oro.

Mouth of the Grand Canal, looking to the Island of St George - San Giorgio (beyond PuntaDogana, center)

Venice from Google and below closer up.

Google Map, from Verona to Venice.

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