Saturday, November 19, 2011

Postcards - Trieste, Italy - 1.4.1970.

Trieste, 1st April - Written by David.

To: Mrs D C Evans, Killara. NSW 2071 Australia.

Dear Dudu,

So far we've had a fabulous trip, in Milan Cecile and A.B. took us out for a great Italian meal in the best of style,  since when we have moved on to Venice where the weather was super, where despite fantastic Easter tourist crowds we were able to park and camp for 150 lire (2/-) per day, and buy wine at 3/- per litre and see the most lively and fascinating city I've yet to visit, Paris included.

We went all over Venice on ferries, walked miles, saw the famous glass-blowing, and met up with a young U.S. couple living in Germany, who've invited us to stay with them on our way through later on.  Spending $US.6 per day, all included and H.A.L.T.

love Pennie and David.

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