Thursday, November 17, 2011

Italy - Venice #3 - April 1970

 This was our best find in Venice... a Pizza Shop!  The shop was just a hole in the wall down several narrow alley ways and it was the very first Pizza we'd ever eaten!  Pizza wasn't big in Australia or England for that matter, not as it is now so this wonderful smelling, wonderfully tasty treat was a revelation!  They even threw the dough up in the air :-)

David has written beside this photo - 'Pizza Margherita with the little old lady near Ponte S. Gregorio.'  DAVID she looks younger than I do now!  LOL

We tried to find this Pizza shop again and again but all the alley ways, see below, looked the same...we were lucky on our third and last day in Venice!  Hurray!

 Oh dear... why would I need this hat?? I can't remember buying it but that's something in my hands I wonder what it was!
 Also sleeping in the Isola Car Park were these two Americans, Doug and Frankie who were teachers in the American Military Base in Germany, we called in to see them on our way back to the UK and kept in touch for a few years.  They had their second daughter on the same date and we had Tomos.

 On the Island of Murano watching the Glass blowing, I picked up a few mistakes that they were giving away free and we used them as swizzle sticks for years... I wonder if I still have them? Nah, can't find them.

Vetreria Murano Arte Glass Factory.

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