Tuesday, November 1, 2011

France - Versailles - March 1970

I had another of those delightful Mysteries in Versailles today,  :-)   This is our 1970 photo above with the Taxi sitting there on the left, the lamp posts on the right, the traffic and the Palace in the background and below is a photo from Google today, same spot, different lamp posts, different traffic but same Palace.... but... ???

 Scan to the Mystery of this statue of Louis X1V on his horse, that's me beside him in 1970 and we are very close to the Palace, then look at the photo below and notice how far away from the Palace it is...  but then continue to the photos below...
.... Both these two photos were taken today from Google... the one above shows Louis X1V and the one below shows that there is no Louis X1V...  just where the photo above shows him???   Soooo...  more Googling needed and I discovered that the poor chap needed some restoration so between Google driving on this side of the statue and then on the other side of the statue the statue was removed!  

I love a good Mystery, I love a good Mystery solved even better though  :-)

Read all about it here...  Louis X1V on Horse 

I see that Louis X1V is back where we found him in 1970!  Phew!  What a journey for a Statue.

We were here in Winter of course so it's been a real treat to spend so much time there today on Google in mid Summer.
Very pretty and with the same pointy trees in place :-)

This is why it's such fun being able to go back after all these years of being used to our black and white photos...  seeing the colour on Google is such a treat... Wow!

I spent a lot of time on Google Maps being absolutely amazed at the size and beauty of this place, it's absolutely enormous and when Google was there in full flower.   I remember being amazed by it all in 1970 but that was a long time ago so I've really enjoyed my Google tour.  I couldn't find this little place above or the one below... just too hard.

I don't know if this is the route we took to get to Versailles from Paris, it seems like the long way around but maybe it's all one way systems now days.

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