Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Italy - Venice #2 - April 1970

 We arrived in Venice at Easter time so there were crowds and crowds of people buzzing around especially for the event, the atmosphere was terrific!

Piazza San Marco, I think I'm enjoying one of those wonderful Italian Gelato's in this photo, actually I wouldn't think about enjoying it I know it was delicious, I'm just not sure if that is an almost empty cone in my hand.

David in front of the St Marco Basilica and below from Wiki.  What a lot we miss with our Black and White photos eh!

 Omigosh!  Look at all those pidgeons! 

Torre dell 'Orologio Clock Tower with a colour shot from Google.

Gold mosaic ceiling inside the Basilica Saint Marco, look at the colour below from Google.

 Galleria dell'Academia, these paintings are Rubens and Titian.

How wonderful is this... sunshine, outdoor restaurant and a Quartet to entertain... as if there isn't enough beauty to entertain around us in this beautiful city.

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Ami said...

Penny, these pics of Venice are pure GOLD. Love the 'little old lady' in the pizza shop. She's wearing pearls! And the gondola 'drivers' are still bored! Was Venice flooding back then like it does now? Somehow I don't think so.