Saturday, November 12, 2011

Italy - Lugano to Menaggio on Lake Como - March 1970

 Driving down the hill to Menaggio with a very misty Lake Como in front and below us.

I can't find the same places as these two photos show, we didn't write anything on them except, Lake Como.

 Tabitha having a much deserved servicing beside the beautiful Lake.

Below is about the same spot from Google.

I couldn't find this scene below on Google Maps either, I was following a big white truck along this road beside the lake, most annoying I couldn't get a good view  :-)

From Lugano to Menaggio driving around a lot of water.  I remember it being an especially beautiful drive and when we got to Lake Como it was all foggy!  That's what you get when you travel in Winter though, which we still prefer to do because there are far fewer tourists around so you get to see the good stuff much easier.

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