Friday, November 18, 2011

Italy - Venice #4 - April 1970

 Gondolas and Motoscafos and Vaporettos and Ferrys... boats, boats, boats.
 David has written under this photo - 'Bored, exploited Gondola - riders.'  They certainly look it don't they and it wasn't the best way to see Venice!   Walking and walking  and exploring through the alleyways and over the bridges... getting lost was so much fun and you really got the feel of the people who actually live in Venice!

 See the Guard there he's watching David as we boarded the Motoscafo, David was trying to avoid paying the fare!  He caught him!  David doesn't look like he cares much though does he!

 The Rialto Bridge from the other side from one of my other posts.

Time to leave Venice, which has to be one of our very favourite cities... heading towards Yugoslavia around the very north of the Mediterranean Sea.

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