Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Switzerland - Montreux through the St Bernard Tunnel - Italy - March 1970

Entering Martigny from Montreux.

From Google today.

 Tabitha Taxi crossing a bridge somewhere between Martigny and the St Bernard Tunnel, I can't find it anywhere on Google today.

I found this same house though, just after Martigny.

Approaching the tunnel in snow.
 Oh dear, David is smoking while driving!

Part of the St Bernard Tunnel is open on one side, wonderful views if it wasn't so foggy.

 Still in the tunnel.

Google didn't go through the St Bernard Tunnel but I did find some of it from the outside.

Wet wet wet, poor Google Mapper.

At the Switzerland - Italy Border inside the tunnel.

Some of the places Google went in these Swiss Alps were so foggy they probably gave up and went home, you can't see a thing even though they did the mapping in Summer by the look of most of the scenes.

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