Thursday, November 24, 2011

Postcards - Dubrovnik, Yugoslavia - 3.4.1970

 Dubrovnik, Yugoslavia.     3rd April 1970

To:  The Rodds, Newport. 2106 N.S.W.  Australia.

Dear All,

We have been pleasantly surprised by Yugoslavia.  The coast is almost as good as our own but the beaches have no sand.  When we first arrived the Army was everywhere but haven't seen a soul since.

The peasants are very friendly and harmless so far.  Things seem about as cheap as they are in the U.K.  Photos of Tito in every shop but less police than in Spain.   Raining heavily now but it had been sunny for a bit.  You can see by the card what a spectacular place it looks, no cars go inside the walls.  Have met lots of Aussies and Americans, not here but in Italy and France.

Will write a long letter soon, love to Phelans, Cobcrofts and Mama.  Have spent $Aus5. per day so far so pretty good.

Love P & D.

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