Sunday, November 13, 2011

Italy - Milan to Caravaggio - March 1970

 Just outside Milan, driving beside the train line in Milan, driving really close to the train line.
Actually I wonder if this is a Tram?  I searched but still can't decide!  Below is a modern train from Google.

 The gardens of the Museum of Modern Art on a cold winters day and below from Google Maps in what looks like summer.

 We spent most of our time in Milan at the Police Station, but firstly we visited and were taken out to dinner by friends of David's mothers, the Jamisons,  here is an extract from a letter I wrote to David's mother.

Back to Italy along the lovely lake Como and into Milan, showered at the Youth Hostel and went to the Jamisons, Cecile looks very well much better than she did last year and full of beans, they seemed pleased to see us and we all chatted non stop.  Elizabeth arrived from England the day before and the next day they were all off to Sardinia for Easter - we really had a slap up meal at a lovely restaurant, you didn't order anything, trolleys laden with food were bought to the table and you helped yourself, 6 courses we had of real Italian food and gallons of wine and bread.  Stayed at the hostel that night and had our suitcase stolen, it was our own fault it was strapped onto the luggage rack not locked in the car as it should have been.  All our clothes went, 320 cigarettes and all our important documents for the Taxi and about shipping the Taxi home.  We had one change of clothes in the Hostel luckily but they are good ones and too warm for down here now.  The really annoying part is we've thrown everything out that didn't fit in the trunks so that now leaves us no clothes at all except a couple of good things we had no intention of taking to Russia or the U.S.A.  I'm going to be busy sewing when I get back to the UK for three weeks.  The Australian Consul is looking into it for us but we haven't much hope of recovery
 This is a the waterwheel that keeps a Sawmill working but I can't find it on Google, maybe it's gone.

 Cooking dinner just outside Caravaggio and behind the monument to Giovanni Ancillotto a famous Italian Aviator, this is where he died in a road accident in 1924.

 A photo from Google Maps and below a couple of photos I found on Google.

From Lake Como to Milan to Caravaggio.  Next stop Verona!

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