Saturday, October 1, 2011

England - Wiltshire-Somerset - September 1969

 Leaving Salisbury over this bridge across the  River Avon.  The inscription says, 'Built in 1245 by Bishop Bingham - Widened in 1774'  It took me absolutely ages to find this bridge on Google, have you any idea how the River Avon winds it's way through Salisbury...very pretty and a lot of little bridges.

I noticed, on Google Maps,  a bridge further up steam, which is called New Bridge by the way!  and took a shot from there so we can see the lovely single lane bridge built by Bishop Bingham.

 I have spent far too much time looking for this same spot above, it was taken on the A303 but that is now almost Motorway size and I just couldn't find this house or this sign but I did find one below.

 This Thatched Post Office on the other hand was a breeze to find, it leads to the Excavation site of Camelot Castle... same little cottage but no longer a Post Office methinks.

This hill Castle is thought to have been King Arthur's Camelot.  Excavations were still going on when we visited.

The excavations at Cadbury Castle in the 1960's uncovered evidence of a long occupation, beginning in 3000 BC and running through to 1000 AD. Occupation was spasmodic, with the fort being unoccupied for long periods. The major periods of construction were the Neolithic era, Late Bronze Age, Iron Age, Roman, Post-Roman, and Late Saxon.

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From Salisbury in Wiltshire to South Cadbury in Somerset.


Denny said...

Hi Pennie

Your picture of the House with the "Dorset" sign outside is in Zeals, just west of Mere. The house is sited Ne of Tan Lane. The postcode is SP8 5AW.


Pennie said...

Thanks Denny, I found the same spot today, no Dorset sign now and the house on the left has new windows, the young trees in the background have grown and the road looks a lot quieter, I've updated my Blog :-)
cheer Pennie