Friday, October 28, 2011

France - Paris - Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe - March 1970

 I can't remember if we asked someone to take this photo or David put it on automatic, photos of us together are rare on these trips.  I couldn't find this same place on Google, it looks like a bridge but it might be somewhere higher up.
 Don't worry, the top bit isn't falling off, Google Maps does that sometimes.

 Wow... look at this, cars driving under the Eiffel Tower and check out that weird bus, it looks like someone has just plonked the top bit on for the day!
 Another Wow... look how many people are here!

 A typical David photo.
 When we were living in England in the late 70's we took off with the three children to see a bit of France.  We just wanted to see the country side, visit our friend Marie-Therese in the South of France and avoid the big cities but when we were driving around the outskirts of Paris, 4 year old Tomos saw a sign to Paris!   He wanted us to go to Paris, we did wonder why a 4 year old was being so insistent about visiting Paris so asked him why!
Babar the Elephant went to Paris... was the reply... so to Paris we went  :-)   I've just looked closely at his face in this photo, what a poo-face he has!  That was probably because we wouldn't pay the huge price to go up the tower!  Did Babar go up the tower, I will have to check :-)  we still have all the books upstairs.

Same spot from Google today.

 Arc de Triomphe and below from Google.

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