Thursday, October 20, 2011

Henfield, Sussex - February 1970

 Henfield in Sussex, the Village of our first home together.

By now we were in negotiations with the Travel Department of the Bank of NSW in London for our next visit to Europe, we were also planning our long - long trip home for later in the year and almost straight after we return from another two months abroad, so we started saying our goodbyes... firstly to Mrs Hurst our wonderful Landlady at 'Henfield House'
 Nothing much has changed today in Henfield.

 Pennie with the lovely Mrs Hurst.

 Henfield House from Google.

 David, Mrs Hurst and Sally.

This Google photo below shows 'Henfield House' on the right and 'The Cottage' on the left.  Our home was in the Cottage which was originally a stable, converted into a Garage and one bedroom Cottage and now into something much more grander.

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