Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Guildford - Maidstone - Dover --- Boulogne by Hoovercraft - 16th March 1970

 The Bank of NSW made us up a suggested Itinerary once again and off we went changing it again and again, even from Day 1!
 Elsie was at it again, contacting the local newspaper the Surrey Advertiser. 

Ashford on the A20 en-route to Maidstone then Dover.

 That's me looking after for Tabitha #4, waiting to drive into the Hoovercraft.

 The Princess Anne waiting for us to board.  Although this trip only lasted 35 minutes it was so bumpy and rough I was sick a couple of times, into a sick bag, there was no going outside to take in the fresh air.  Oh Yuck!  Just the memory of it!!

We never went on another Hoovercraft, this trip was never to be repeated thank you!

Hoovercrafts had only entered service in 1968  so this was all pretty new, they retired them in 2000.

Across the English Channel - Guildford to Maidenstone to Dover to Boulogne-sur-Mer.

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