Saturday, October 15, 2011

London - Tate Gallery, Millbank - December 1969.

 Tate Gallery.

Looking very grand from Google Maps.

 Free Parking right at the door, same spot today below, I wonder how much it costs to park now.

 Nicely steam cleaned since 1969 where our photos show black smog on most of the buildings in London.
 You must go to Google Maps and drag your little yellow man towards the Tate Gallery and you will see a lot of blue lines on the roof, go in and have a look at the paintings.  The Google camera must have gone in there when it was closed to the public and placed their camera in the middle of several of the rooms... Trust me it's well worth a look.

 One of our favourite Manet paintings, A Bar at the Folies Bergere.

 Ely Cathedral painted by J.B. Harraden in 1809

 Peter Paul Rubens, The Decent from the Cross.  Not my idea of fun viewing I have to admit!

 View from Millbank across The Thames.   Today... a couple of high rise buildings replace the old.

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