Sunday, October 23, 2011

Guildford - The Waugh's - March 1970

 We've left our flat in Merrow by now and are staying a couple of nights at the Waugh's before we head back to Europe for another two months of touring in Tabitha Taxi IV. 

For a special treat Rupert let David play with his old Dinky toys.  I think these are the only photos we have of Rupert, he was a workaholic and we hardly ever saw him, then he died not long after we arrived home in Australia.

 Elsie and Rupert... look at the joy on David's face  LOL

David had a collection of Dinky Toys at home in Canberra but when we got home he found that his father had thrown them all out to the tip.   David was very upset and was so impressed with Ruperts collection he decided to buy some more so not long after we settled back in Australia he advertised in our local paper to buy old Dinky Toys, he got several calls from people wanting to sell him those children's Dinky bikes but one very special call from a woman who wanted to get rid of her grown up son's Dinky Toys.  The Father of this boy had bought him a new Dinky Toy every weekend when they walked to the Newsagency to pick up the papers but from what we can gather the son wasn't really into Dinky toys so most of them were in their original boxes in pristine condition and the grown up son was pleased to let his Mum sell them for $5 each.  David has more than 200 cars, trucks, buses and Army vehicles which are in display cabinets and bought out and played with by one 9 year old Grandson... under Supervision  :-)

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