Monday, October 3, 2011

London - Buying Tabitha Taxi #3 - September 1969

 Charing Cross Underground Station and we're off to find another Taxi, Tabitha 3.

Tabitha 2. hadn't done too well and Tabitha 1. has... gone... we have been racking our brains and have no idea how we disposed our Taxi's, I guess we've erased that sad decision from our minds.

 LOL  6 pence... eeekkk I've just looked at London Transport and found this...

(The cost of using The Tube depends on which zone you start in and how many zones you need to cross. Fares vary from £4 for an adult single trip within Zone 1 -2 (which is where all the tourist attractions are), to £3.80 for an adult single trip between Zone 1 and Zone 6.)

But don' t cancel your trip you can always get an Oyster Card like we have.

(Oyster cards offer the best value for travelling. A single journey on the Tube in Zone 1 is £1.50 and £2.00 in Zone 2, when using a prepaid Oyster card. The same journey using cash is £4.) 
 Tabitha Three has arrived in Merrow all the way from Harrow on the Hill.

View from our living room window of the back garden at Merrow.

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